A man installing a electrical instrument in wall

As with anything important or intricate there could be underlying electrical problems in your household that you have no idea about. Especially if it is a property you are about to purchase or have just purchased getting a proper inspection for the electrical wiring is a very good idea. The electrical system in your home could be showing signs of damage or possible electrical fire risks. When you get a professional electrician to inspect your electricity you will be happy that you did. Our inspection services are through, honest, and are mainly concerned with your benefit, mainly your safety.


When you get your inspection done for your electricity in your home you are taking a step forward in taking care of your safety for yourself, your family and your household. Safety is very important when it comes to electricity. A shock from a poorly installed light switch, or a surge of energy from a badly taken care of outlet can cause serious injuries. No one should get hurt before drawing attention to problems. With an electrical inspection by a certified electrician no one will get hurt. Our electricians know what to look for well ahead of them becoming a serious threat.

How is an inspection run?

When you get an electrician to do an inspection on the electricity of your house or office they will need access to all areas. There will also be a moment at some point that all power to your office or house will have to be turned off. Other then that, they will check the points of power sources to see if they are working safely and functioning, as they should. They will review all the electrical systems in the house and check appliances. They will also check all on and off switches to see they are working correctly and that there is not buzzing or humming.


Our inspections are done in the interest of keeping your office or home safe and functioning properly. When we do an inspection we are solely looking for things that are unsafe, potential hazards and possible upgrades to better your home. The biggest reason we do inspections is for your safety. When you hire us we work for you. If you are interested in a property but have not purchased our inspections can be very helpful in deterring the worth of the property. Things like aluminum wiring can deter from the worth. The final report given is just an honest breakdown of our findings.


Our inspections are thorough. When we do an inspection for you we are using are professional electrician eyes going over everything we know that could become a problem in the future. We start in one area and inspect all of it. We inspect every outlet, every light switch, and every appliance. We check every major power source. If we didn’t do a thorough job inspecting then our inspection wouldn’t be as honest as you and we need it to be. We take our electrical inspections very seriously and they are an entire chapter of our training. When you hire us we make sure that your place is safe, and/or gets what it needs to be safe.

Electrical Inspection