​Electrical Upgrade

Two worker working for electrical upgrading

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in the eighteen seventies meaning, those first days of electricity have only been around one hundred and forty years. With electricity being part of the technological age we know that advances are being made all the time. Especially with something like electrical currents running through your home you do not want to take any chances with an old system that could present dangers. When you do an electrical upgrade we can assist you in every step of the way. We will do the upgrade and you will tell as what you want upgraded too.


Getting an electrical upgrade on your house may seem like a major expense that is deterring you from getting it done. Yes the initial cost going into your household can seem high however when you do an electrical upgrade you are protecting your home in more ways than one. When you do the electrical upgrade you are investing in your property’s value and ensuring that it goes up and not down. It also protects the home in general. If you have any faulty wiring you could be preventing a fire by getting an upgrade a more modern safer system.

Appliance Safety

An electrical upgrade will allow your home to take on more voltage. That means a lot of the daily appliance we all use will be more easily useable in your home, and be safer to use. This also protects your appliances. Assets and expenses that depend on electricity, laptops, expensive laptops, big screen televisions or anything else electronic you have put money into, will be better taken care of when you have done a proper upgrade. These appliances can be plugged in to the wall and will be protected by damaging surges that could of ruined them with the old system.


Sometimes upgrading takes a little timing. Seeing as an upgrade could involve a lot of rewiring if you talk to your electrician, or phone us, we can go over what it would take to do an upgrade at your home. If rewiring is in the picture you can plan when you are doing other renovations. This may save you the hassle of opening the walls more than once. Or if you are having some renovations done soon, make sure you get someone to check out the electrical system. By doing this you save yourself a lot of hassle and stress.

Upgrade Professionally

Get the confidence you need for your upgrade by hiring a professional certified electrician like Lucky’s Electrician of Orlando. With our specialties your upgrade will go very smoothly. As mentioned before all the good reasons to get an upgrade will be that more accessible when you work with a certified well trained experienced electrician like us. When you get an upgrade it is a big job and you want it done by people you can trust. Those people are us. We are for you to do the job right. When your upgrade is finished you will be comfortable at home, safe from electrical fires with all the comfort of your appliances plugged in and working.

​Electrical Upgrade