Lucky's Electrician of Dr Phillips

Dr. Phillips is a wonderful residential and commercial area full of life and energy. Constantly busy, a fried wire or fuse can really dampen your day and lifestyle, inconveniencing your entire day. We understand the struggle of faulty wiring or an out of date electrical system. With our services, however, we can make your electrical upgrade or repair as easy and convenient as possible.​

If you own a business and need a quick repair, or you’re looking to upgrade your electrical infrastructure, we can do it quickly and efficiently so you’ll be back to business in no time. All of our electricians have years of practice in repairs, upgrades, and even installations. When you hire us you can rest easy knowing you’ve hired highly trained professionals to fix your electrical problems. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We know that you could hire any of the local electricians in the area, so when we are hired to do a job, we do our best to repay the trust you’ve given us with your electricity. As seasoned professionals, we never walk away from an unfinished job. If you were to search for local electricians in the Dr. Phillips area we’d proudly be at the top of the list with hopefully great reviews. We want all of our customers to be glad they hired us, due to our exceptional work ethic and professional standards.

We know that we represent the Orlando area with our work. If any of our jobs are unsatisfactory in any way we make sure that we can fix it and make amends for our mistakes. If you are worried about hiring inexperienced and unprofessional electricians, you do not need to worry if you hire us. All of our trained electricians have extensive practice in all areas of electricity. They work their hardest so that you don’t have to worry. Upgrading your outdated electrical infrastructure can seem scary and unnecessary at times, however, with our trained professionals, you can trust that the job will get done safely and effectively. Hiring an untrained or inexperienced electrician might seem like a cheaper option, but if your electrical grid is incorrectly installed, you’ll be left with faulty power and even an unsafe building. If you live in the Dr. Phillips area hire the electrician that is both an experienced professional and also an Orlando native.

Certified Electrician