Lucky's Electrician of Downtown Orlando

We serve Downtown Orlando’s many office buildings and restaurants. With our services, you can make sure that your restaurant or office’s air conditioning is getting the power it needs to be effective this summer, or you can also upgrade your lighting to provide the best environment for your customers or employees. Our job is to make sure your electricity is up to date and efficient. Faulty wiring can result in money lost to electric companies and can also cause electrical fires in some cases. Being a busy downtown, you want to hire extremely experienced professionals to mess around with your electricity. All of our electricians are certified and ready to work with fire alarm systems, security systems, air conditioning units, and more.

If you own a business in Downtown Orlando, be sure to hire us. We can ensure all of your appliances are running efficiently and effectively. If certain things are hooked up incorrectly to the power grid, they can eat up more power than they need to, unnecessarily increasing your company’s power bill. When you hire us you can rest easy knowing you are doing the most you can to lower unneeded expenses while also preventing electrical fires and other dangers old wiring can cause.

We can also hook up new units to your building’s power source with unmatched efficiency. When you hire electricians, you obviously want professionals that will give you the best service in the area. If so you came to the right place. All of our electricians have countless years of practice in the Orlando area allowing them to give you the best services possible. Attempting to work with mains electricity as an inexperienced amateur can be very hazardous. One wrong move can seriously injure someone or cause a dangerous electrical fire. Instead of going through the process of trying to be your own electrician, just hire us. We can give you a professional job, free of dangers, for a low price that will leave everyone happy. If you own a business in the Downtown Orlando area, please give us a call for any electrical problems or concerns you might have.

Certified Electrician