​About Us

An electrician working on outlets

Well to start, we are from Florida. Born and raised in Orlando it was the younger years that influenced our path. When we were children wires were colorful and created sparks. Electricians were magic heroes that wielded great powers. It wasn’t the safest reason we were intrigued. Yet we still stick by that electricity in general is quite a wonder. Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb fascinated our family for generations. We had tons of electricians in the family. There was a lot of inspiration to pursue electricity as a business. It was the concern for industry to have good electricians that do their work safely so no one has to suffer any loss from sloppy jobs that really pushed us forward. We went to school and got educated and certified and started working. From there is just made sense to have our own businesses. Gathering information from our forefathers was a great benefit to our outlook on the field. How things have changed. We operate diligently when doing a job so everything is up to code. We know first hand how dangerous and painful electric currents can be. No electrician wants anything to do with any incident had was triggered by sloppy wiring. We take our job seriously and have a lot of pride in it. This shows in our work and we have been really lucky to gather a great following of clients in Orlando Florida. Our certifications, and our standard of professional work have added to this and we are proud to be where we are today.

Certified Electrician